How it started

It started with a question: Why are some people able to change their course of life and live a flourishing life? Is it luck? Is it their genes? Or is there a science or an approach to make it happen?

This was followed by many more questions: What are constituents of flourished life? When do I know that my life is flourishing? Can I make my life flourish? And, finally the big question, how can I do it? Is there an easy way?

This started our quest to identify the enabling and disabling blocks of flourishing life and create a simple program which:

  • Creates awareness and incorporate the enabling blocks in the lives of Users
  • Make tool kit available to user to disengage from disabling blocks
  • Ensure that skills learnt are lifelong sustainable
  • Is relevant to users of all age groups, gender, region and life condition

We found the answer in Neuroscience and positive psychology. After going through tons of research work done by some of the leading research scientist in the world, our team of experts have designed this course for users who want to flourish in life.